Self mini storage in Hong Kong

Living space is too crowed in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small place with a large population. You can always see that one house has large environment but has no an enough place to storage family items. Why no try to rent a self mini storage in Hong Kong to save your house space and deal with crowed space? By doing so, you can expand your living environment and have an ideal space.

Self mini storage can expand space

In some time, facing with the small living space you can only throw away our beloved items, such as albums, book, toys, clothes, bedding and so on. These items may have been kept for many years, and you are reluctant to lose them. Just need to click on your mouse to reserve your precious items in the Hong Kong self mini storage.

Staring to rent a self mini storage in Hong Kong

Many people are starting to rent a Redbox self storage in Hong Kong to keep in reserve their items which they don’t want to throw away or some things need to be enshrined. One of customer who just rented a mini storage last week told me that he got a nice consumer experience. Because of mature storage services and humanized storage design in that self mini storage company.

What services do self mini storage offer?

1.Storage service:

Everything that can’t be left at home can be stored in self storage, don’t to be worry about your items too big to keep in there. Because there has varies size you want.

2.Convenient transportation:

Most self storage are located near the subway station and in convenient transportation areas. In order to save time for customer to go back and forth to self mini storage, so most of mini storage company will offer this service.

3.Delivery service:

When you want to take out your belongings in the self mini storage, you just need to contact the staff by cellphone at any time. If your things are too heavily to move by yourselves, you might really need this delivery service.

4.24-hour free access:

This 24-hour free access is provided to the vast number of users who can take out their stored things at any time as a convenience. Usually enjoying this service requires customers applying for in-storage access cards from self mini storage staffs in advance.

5.Flexible rent-term:

Self mini storages companies are mainly to solve the problem of short-term storage of customers items and therefor they are based on short leases. But in order to satisfy the needs of different users, they have to offer different flexible rent-term, such as daily rent-term, monthly rent-term and annual rent-term.


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